The feeling is really strange: as if you've shoved the whole cheeseburger into your mouth. Tasty, yes, but it's a bit too much. And almost impossible to chew. That's probably what they call "prophetic syncretism". The intensity of poetic delirium of this well-known master of the electronic music is so immeasurable that all those people mentioned in the booklet - S.Sokolov, R.Bredbery, D.C.Thomas, V. Rosanov and P. Desmond - are almost indistinct.

There are endless variety of musical quotations, cultural allusions, stylization of all kinds etc. So what? Just imagine "ORB" or "Aphex Twin" recording the soundtrack to Soviet classic movie about World War II.

Stylish lightness and irony make this album similar to a performance recorded in studio. You should listen to it in 5 or 6 a.m., when physiology itself denies reflection, so you take everything as is.

In brief: it's a wonderful album.

26.11.1999 (ЗВУКИ РУ)