I like Vladimir Ratzkevich's music for a long time already, and I'm serious to say that. Why? Well, because there are very few musicians (in Russia and abroad) who can take the liberty of recording instrumental albums. Sure, insrumental albums can vary, but Ratzkevich regulary releases interesting instrumental CDs. Or almost instrumental, with minimum of singing. So, your obedient servant has not mistaken supposing in 1997 that Ratzkevich's music "is not an art for everyone - because it reckons on inner participation". Really, these compositions are hardly to be listened to during table-talks or alcohol chats, here one has to take the music seriously. And yet there is nothing too intellectual in "Fly". This is true modern music, full of humor, fantasy and computer-electronic joys. Picturesque and eloquent, "Fly" is a double CD. And it's rather difficult to tell which one from the 24 compositions is the most impressive. But when I began (while listening to this album) getting acquainted with it, I payed the most attention to the following compositions: "One Wing", "In Search of the Sea-Gulls", "Pony Racing", "Kagli", "Ra-Ra-Ra", "Spectrum Artist". Sometimes we can hear the repeatitions in the sound space of the album, Ratzkevich often finds new arrangement of the tunes created by himself and Oleg Litvinenko. People from the famous TV-show "Vzglyad" were right to work with Ratzkevich: his music is just right for the movie-and-video-aesthetic. By the way, repetitions are often used in the sountracks. My conclusion is simple: this is a wonderful album.

10.11.1999 (ЗВУКИ РУ)