The remixed rock-n-roll of Vladimir Ratskevich, released in 1996, isn't rock-n-roll, but our image of it. And it's a rather foolish and funny image. This is how mature musicians probably say good-bye to their heroic past. Then again, the recipe of that last word is pretty simple. You usually take practically every melodic and rhythmic model you know of (rock, country, rhythm and blues), stylish dance rhythms of the mid 90's, quotes from Shostakovich, Dunaevsky and the like. Then all this is made into a sample and turned into complete idiocy (for "humor"). After listening to the record, you can spend some time contemplating everything comical about music. After several years its still funny, but no longer that funny. It seems that projects like these should have some sort of subtext after all- a background defining the depth and perspective, the historical context. All this is lacked in Ratskevich's remixed rock-n-roll. There's irony, post-modernism, fast changing fads, mind games. That's fine for pop music, but it's not enough for a necrologist.

19.04.2000, Анна АРУТЮНЯН (ЗВУКИ РУ)

Список композиций альбома "Rock'Mix'Roll":

1. Intro
2. Avers
3. Mix-1
4. Rock-X-Press
5. Mix-2
6. Kid-Rock
7. Mix-3
8. Construction Rock
9. Mix-4
10. Rock-Mix
11. Mix-5
12. Rock-March
13. Mix-6
14. Rock-Schedule
15. Mix-7
16. Roll-Mix
17. Mix-8
18. Lady's Rock
19. Mix-9
20. Sing Lesson