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  • Methods of Mayhem, 28.08.2008
    Former Motley Crew drummer Tommy Lee released his new group's debut album last year. Like the group, it was called METHODS OF MAYHEM. Fans of the movement "learn to swim" and Alexander Sklyar will »»
  • Московский блюз глазами американца, 13.04.2004
    Как люди на сцене превращаются в негров »»
  • Джазовый зоопарк вопреки самому себе, 01.03.2004
    Создателям проекта Zoo-Jazz удалось успешно сплотить три наиболее выдающихся достижения джаза: импровизацию, звуковую экспериментальность и электронное синтезирование. Результат оказался таким, что слушать довольно сложный джаз стало по-настоящему интересно. Жаль, что этого почти никто не смог услышать »»
  • Fan-tom, 25.06.2000
    This album compilation, amazingly, gives the impression of music that's been played and sung all in one breath, despite the fact that many of the songs are quite old. From that point of view »»
  • Anti-Phonogram Warship, 25.06.2000
    Summertime is a notorious pretext for militant acoustic musicians to declare war on phonograms. This time it's Operation ⌠Live Sound,■ which will take place in August on the Volga River. The »»
  • Ivanushki vs. Napster, 22.06.2000
    The group Ivanushki International now joined the large group of musicians attacking the Napster site, which allows its users to download songs in MP3 format. The fact that the group's music was »»
  • White On White, 21.06.2000
    The subtitle of the album reads ⌠most important songs.■ ⌠White on White really is the select, perhaps even the best. Usually compilations consisting of hits (and practically all tracks on the disk »»
  • Musical Games in Open Air, 20.06.2000
    There will be a huge musical event on July 1 and 2 called OPEN-AIR, a festival of electronic music and new technologies in contemporary music, organized by Russian and German promoters and musicians, »»
  • Putin, Dorenko and ICQ, 20.06.2000
    One of the cult figures of the 1980's, sound producer, singer, and composer Alexei Vishnya (Cherry), presented his online fans with two new masterpieces- the song about ICQ, and Sergei Dorenko's »»
  • Alphaville Contest, 20.06.2000
    Alphaville is a unique group. Considered classics of the electropop genre, they rarely give live concerts: unlike many of their colleagues who make a marketable product out of their music, this band »»
  • Guitar And Voice, 18.06.2000
    Everything was recorded in 1984 on the ⌠Astra■ recorder┘. ⌠Maybe I can have a cigarette?■ Tsoi says. The ringing of glasses and other noises testify that it might be a little crowded in the »»
  • Offspring Contributes its Own Share to the Napster Situation, 17.06.2000
    The guys from Offspring, who recently joined the Napster bandwagon and started selling tee-shirts and baseball caps with the infamous company's logotype on the group's site, have found themselves in »»
  • Psyche: From Kurgan to St. Petersburg, 13.06.2000
    According to our St. Petersburg colleagues, a new group has appeared in that city playing very contemporary, harsh, and, according to some,?correct" music. The group is called Psyche and it has »»
  • Ten Years Without Kino, 13.06.2000
    It will be ten years this year since the tragic death of Kino leader Viktor Tsoi. So far all the attempts to rejuvenate the group Kino- with and without Bek Han- have not been successful for musical »»
  • Too Hot for a Party, 13.06.2000
    On May 28 in St. Petersburg the group Chicherina held a shooting session for the music video of the song ⌠Heat.■ The session took place in an old abandoned house on the embankment of the Obvodnoi »»
  • 100 Years Of Loneliness, 10.06.2000
    For a large group of people Egor Letov started out with the album ⌠Jump-Hop,■ which finally tamed the soft-eared with loud screams and the scraggly ⌠nasty■ youth with lyrics about anything but »»