Year Of The Dragon
2000, BMG Entertainment International (BMGEntertainmentInternational7432175141-2)

What do Paris and Madrid have in common? What brings together Stockholm and Hong-Kong, Johannesburg and Rome? The answer is simple: music. Not just music, but the songs of MODERN TALKING. It's not surprising that many journalists consider MODERN TALKING to be the investments of Diter Bolen and Tomas Anders in globalization. The first album after a long silence of the most successful duet, "Back for Good," immediately occupied the first places of the German charts, and was released in more than fifty countries. And almost everywhere MODERN TALKING's record went golden, platinum, or even double platinum. In Germany alone over two million CD's of this group were sold, and over 10 million throughout the world. The duet has won every pop award you can imagine: from the German "Bambi" award to the "World Music Award." Their next album, "Alone," was also a massive success.

Several years ago, Diter Bolen said: "Everything that I touch seems to turn into gold." Many were somewhat offended by such a bold statement. But time shows that Bolen was wrong: it's not gold that comes out from under his hands, but platinum."

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02.03.2000, Анна АРУТЮНЯН (ЗВУКИ РУ)