10-ый круг
1999, Manchester Files (CDMAN030-99)

The Russian-language album of the St. Petersburg musicians doesn't really contain any potential hits. And yet something manages to contribute to the contemporary rock scene of the city. It's understandable why PUSHKING isn't very well known in Moscow but has a good reputation and a lot of fans in the northern capital. The old-fashioned hard rock of the group has something organic and unified about its form and content. There are no pretensions to be "stylish," for example. The St. Petersburg tradition shows up not only thematically ("Song Without Words" in memory of Viktor Tsoi, and "Bye-Bye Leningrad") but also in the "atmosphere of the album. Culture is the key word for everything that PUSHKING does. And it's precisely this that sets the group apart from many others working in the framework of the hard-rock tradition. General taste once again betrays the musicians (in the sense of the texts rather than the music- "White Cadillac"), but for the most part, they manage to keep everything together. There are strange, curious unions: rock-moralism, anecdotes, jokes, and the "Russian chanson" ("About Understandings"). Chances for nationwide popularity for the group are slim, but this kind of music is very important for inner developments of rock-music. Maybe it will be good for colleagues in the music field.

12.04.2000, Анна АРУТЮНЯН (ЗВУКИ РУ)