1999, REAL Records (RR-009-CD)

Light and stylish summer sound, silver booklet cover, electronic noises and sounds of a big city. And the quality is good - not Hi-End though, but... well... Hi-Fi.

Hi-Fi is a band of two handsome boys and one pretty girl, their music (written by Pavel Esenin) is very nice, the lyrics are quite good and smooth, nothing to worry about. "ReProduction" contains four remixes (yes, there is "Homeless" here), a couple of instrumentals and a "Cuba" (the Cuba theme was super popular in Russia this summer - for unknown reason). Everything is so nice and smooth that it's almost impossible to say something about this album. You will hardly be disappointed, but you will never be able to love it.

22.12.1999, Ксения РОЖДЕСТВЕНСКАЯ (ЗВУКИ РУ)

Список композиций альбома "reПродукция":

1. Про лето
2. Арабика
3. Черный ворон
4. Ты прости (remix)
5. Пионер (remix)
6. Нить (remix)
7. Беспризорник (remix)
9. Fly
10. New York