Первый контакт
1999, REAL Records (RR-001-CD)

Sad and clumsy fruit of "Hi-Fi" producers' desire for all-Russia love and glory. The band tried to please everyone. The first composition attracts the fans of sweet Russian pop-music like "Ivanushki" or "Otpetye moshenniki"; the second one fascinates those who love "Ace of base" and other kind of europop. And so on - until the end, where you can find indistinct kidding combined with boy scout slogans and obscure house followed by sweet and solemn new-age "Enigma"-style chorales. All in one.

It is hard to believe that the authors of "Homeless", the greatest hit of this summer, which made everybody cry, paid no attention to the fact that there are no "homeless" songs in this country since the time of the famous teen band "Laskovy mai". This heartless and sentimental country has always liked this eternal theme, - one can remember Andrey Razin's falsetto that could've been heard from everywhere - from young girls' players as well as from Mafiosi cars. If only the whole album was devoted to this theme, our citizens would at last have had someone to feel sorry for. Besides, the arrangements are really cool.

27.11.1999 (ЗВУКИ РУ)

Список композиций альбома "Первый контакт":

1. Не дано
2. Call Me Misha
3. Ты прости
4. Нить
5. Пионер
6. Беспризорник
7. Georgia
8. Don't Give Up
9. Не дано (ремикс)
10. Childhood
11. Не дано (минус)