Музыка над моей головой
1999, МОРОЗ Рекордз (dMR19799CD)

Music, nobility and love - main characters of all Dolsky's songs - make their philosophical journey through this album, having to fight with obtrusive social pathos, another favorite Dolsky's theme. Finally pathos wins, so the author (as well as his audience) almost forgets about music, love and stuff like that. Unceremonious 'Pyatnitsa' with its story about "Vova's words" and "Soso's speech" is extremely vulgar. (Vova is Lenin, Soso - Stalin. Calling well-known politicians, especially dead ones, their pet names was fashionable in 1991, when this album was recorded). Today even word games like 'very chausheskian' make the audience yawn. Eight years ago those word games probably seemed very witty and bright. Time has definitely changed. The last song, "Go away", another possible hit of 1991, makes nowadays audience convulsively press 'stop' button on their CD-systems, in order not to spoil their impression of Dolsky's works. "Total red lies", "bloody banners", "bitterness of persecutions" and "Chernobyl of Russian soul" - today this set of perestroika symbols cause vomiting, not applauds. Calm and cheerful songs are Dolsky's specialty, but unfortunately they are in minority on this album.


"The old State was at least afraid of Poetry.

The new one is much more fearless. Those young exploiters does not notice this object in Nature at all. And that's OK. Because Word and Music live in another dimensions and just descend once in a while to protect us against vulgar fuss of Money and Power. And then Harmony touches our hearts. Today it gives rise to hope for freedom".

"Of course there was much suffering in my life. Still I mostly write cheerful and funny songs. I think that cheerful music, cheerful lyrics are more useful. Besides, my songs are display of my personality" (Alexander Dolsky. From an interview).

19.09.1999, Ксения РОЖДЕСТВЕНСКАЯ (ЗВУКИ РУ)

Список композиций альбома "Музыка над моей головой":

1. Благословение
2. Бессонница
3. Музыка над моей головой
4. История любви
5. Вопросы на кладбище
6. Ты музыка, мой сын
7. От храма
8. Смотрю на тебя и не верю
9. Как мало нам дает любовь
10. Пятница
11. Уходите

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Александр ДОЛЬСКИЙ

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7 июня 1939