From My Soul
Arrival (Arrival709-2)
Arrival (Arrival709-4)
1987, Arrival (ArrivalBU709-2)
1990, K-Tel (K-Tel709CS)
1990, K-Tel (K-Tel709)

Список композиций альбома "From My Soul":

1. By My Side
2. It Don't Take Much
3. Trust in God
4. Look at the Things That God Made
5. God Blessed Our Love
6. Glory, Glory
7. Rock of Ages
8. Jesus Is Waiting
9. No Not One
10. Say a Little Prayer
11. God Is Standing By
12. Jesus Is Coming (Back Again)

В записи принимали участие

  1. Al GREEN – Vocals


Дата рождения:

13 апреля 1946