DJ Empire Pres.: A Tribute To Giorgio Moroder
2000, BMG (BMG74321730972)

"The definitive impulse in the appearance of a 100% 'disco-sound' paradoxically did not come from France, the birthplace of disco. And not from the US- the main exporter of entertainment music. It came from Munich," German disco-music specialist Werner Metzger explains. And the person who sent this impulse was Giorgio Moroder, a native of southern Tirol, a producer and a composer. After 20 years, to honor the "father" of Disco, DJ Empire compiled a record in which Moroder's hits are given a new meaning and sound by young new artists from contemporary dance scenes. Among the participants are international stars (Paul Okendolf, Roger Sanchez, DJ Snake, Todd Terri, and others), German artists (Westbam, Tomcraft, Jam & Spoon, etc), as well as "veterans" of disco (Gloria Gaynor and Amanda Lear). In his own time, Moroder believed that "the main problem with American rhythm and blues before the appearance of disco was that you had to be a really good dancer in order to be able to dance to it. For most white people, that was just too difficult. So we simplified music for them." Today the performance level on the dance floor is no longer a simplification, but rather a complication of dance standards. That is why the disk turned out to be so eclectic. The musical basis, mixed with bubble-gum, and the soul and funk originating from Motown, did not accumulate any depth over the last 20 years. But the development of dance culture gave Moroder's work a certain historical perspective. And today we already have a better idea of where everything came from. LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY. FOREVER.

21.04.2000, Анна АРУТЮНЯН (ЗВУКИ РУ)