Methods Of Mayhem
1999 (A112020-2)

Former Motley Crew drummer Tommy Lee released his new group's debut album last year. Like the group, it was called METHODS OF MAYHEM. Fans of the movement "learn to swim" and Alexander Sklyar will probably be pleased- MoM- is another brutal, bull-terrier synthesis of heavy metal and rap. The model, known from examples such as LIMP BIZKIT, KID ROCK, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, isn't foreign to us either- we have IFK and the like. The appearance, and, judging by the responses, its success, testifies that the world of "vicious alternative sounds" is developing rapidly. Then again, the rap components of this album lag in quality and energy behind all the other musical components- electric, guitar, and DJ work. Currently, the group is on tour (their notices can be found here).

28.08.2008, Анна АРУТЮНЯН (ЗВУКИ РУ)

Список композиций альбома "Methods Of Mayhem":

1. Who The Hell Cares
2. Hypocritical
3. Anger Management
4. Get Naked
5. New Skin
6. Proposition F*** You
7. Crash
8. Metamorphosis
9. Narcotic
10. Mr. Onsomeothers
11. Spun