1999, Manchester Files (CDMAN-022-99)

So, who needs this? That's not about the musical collective, but the choice of their musical style. It would be MUCH more natural and productive, in the material sense, for KUKRYNISKY to play something heartfelt like EAST 17 or BOYZCONE (believe me, there's nothing wrong with that- our stage will accept anything) or even SHAO? BAO!. What do they need punk-rock for, anyway? Well, more accurately, it would be called pop punk.

Will someone please explain- why do four young people play this game so methodically and so properly (they achieve this with the help of the drum machine from operator Nikolai Gusev)?

It's always easy to find an audience for cheap text. Love, tears, dreams, she left me for another, and on and on in that same tearful vein. It turns out that in spite of everything, they really have nothing to say. It's music running with the current, with "We'll be popular soon!" in the undercurrent.

31.03.2000, Анна АРУТЮНЯН (ЗВУКИ РУ)

Список композиций альбома "Кукрыниксы":

1. Лунный свет
2. Это не беда
3. Не спеши
4. Уходящая в ночь
5. Сон
6. Долгой дорогой
7. Depeche Mode
8. Lie
9. Смех
10. На окраине Земли
11. Солдатская печаль
12. Невезучий
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Дата образования:

28 мая 1997