Айсберг (Первое приближение)

If one wants a general impression of the more progressive, and at the same time sellable, part of Russian pop music, this compilation seems appropriate. Even "veterans" like Vladimir Kuzmin, Valeria, Andrei Gubin, Igor Nikolaev and Tatyana Bulanova are presented stylishly enough. The most important thing on this album is the quality of the composer's work and more broadly, the musical material. P. Esenin, Dm. Postovalov, I. Matvienko, O. Molchanov and other authors featured on the collection not only have a talent for composing beautiful and "clever" melodies, but for skillfully applying stylization (Molchanov's "Paper Bouquet"). "Pop" in this case sounds quite appealing, professional and civilized. The order of the songs on the album is also pretty logical, except for one or two songs whose style puts them slightly out of context.

We recommend the compilation to musical snobs and intellectuals.

06.04.2000, Анна АРУТЮНЯН (ЗВУКИ РУ)

Список композиций альбома "Айсберг (Первое приближение)":

1. Сказка
2. Дуэт
3. Плачь, любовь
4. Забытый
5. Я вернусь
6. 2000 лет
7. Куба
8. Зима
10. Старый двор
12. Бумажный букет
13. Ты где-то там
14. Чао, бамбина
15. Ты меня не ищи
16. Прости