Русский радиус 2

Just keep in mind: if you buy two copies of "Russian radius", you will be able, according to geometry rules, make a whole Russian diameter from them. The only bad thing about Russian pop-music is that it does not follow geometry rules. It does not follow any rules, actually.

So you'll probably have to listen to "Radius" rather than make diameters from it.

That's not too bad: the album is exciting. It is devoted to all kinds of movement - the acts are singing about walking, running, going to the sea, flying on the wings of love and so on. Linda tells that she cannot run any longer, Agoutin claims that his audience should not leave the house, Warum wants to understand why he(probably Agoutin, her husband) follows her everywhere, Mikhey makes his way to the sea, Vetlitskaya tries to turn her face northwards, aiming her heart eastwards. Poor mutant girl.

Those agitated people manage to negotiate with each other, discussing their motor activity. Oh, Tanya Bulanova sings, if you go away - then go away! - Don't you cry, - "Hands up" sing in the next song, - come closer, sit here with me.
Why, weeps Kuzmin, do you leave me, I will not be able to take wing without you. - I'll follow you in your flight, Ovsienko tries to calm the patient.

So this is modus vivendi of our pop-acts: they like to move it, move it. And they are moving our pop-music. Where to? Don't ask. Just listen.

17.11.1999, Ксения РОЖДЕСТВЕНСКАЯ (ЗВУКИ РУ)