Не верь разлукам, старина
1994, ASP (ASP94019CD)

Yuri Vizbor, one of the most prominent Russian bards, was one of those who have predetermined the development of Russian bard song. His intonation was so unique and so sincere that no one managed to repeat it, though everybody tried to do it. When he was a teenager, he was sure that by the time he would have to die, someone would invent a pill against death. When he was young he thought that whole life was before him. Two years before his death he wrote: "So our time is passing away, so our generation is thinning out". His songs are classical for the bard movement not only because they are so easy that everyone can sing them, but also because of Vizbor's intonation: there's no falseness, no home-made philosophy. Life is taken as is: "Look, the star has risen to shine forever". In this release, "Don't believe in parting, old fellow", there are many tracks that are unknown to those who are not experts in bard songs. Still you won't find here Vizbor's most famous song which has given the title to this album. Maybe because it became kind of hymn of Russian bards, so everyone here knows it by heart. Or maybe because it's Vizbor's voice that is proving: there are no farewells. This album was recorded on the 24th of December 1980, but, honestly, this information adds nothing to the perception of these songs: in Visbor's works the feeling of time is less important than the feeling of space. His main themes are mountains, sky, spaciousness. The rest just does not matter: "How is it going there in the world? Everything is the same". Well, here it is, a pill against death: this voice. This release.

21.09.1999, Ксения РОЖДЕСТВЕНСКАЯ (ЗВУКИ РУ)