1997, GENERAL Records (GR97109)

Klara Novikova is one of the most prominent Russian humorists. Her best role is a well-known Aunt Sonya from Briton Beach. Her intonations are accurate, her stories are rather funny, the audience loves her. Everything is just perfect. The only wrong thing about her is that those who do not understand Russian should never listen to her. Or they will get an awful feeling that she's a clown without a circus, an aged amateur actress, longing for the role of Juliet, a tired, maybe really talented woman trying just to do her job properly. Nothing more. But those who understand Russian will laugh and, maybe, cry with Klara Novikova. "No, we shan't go to the beach today..."

16.12.1999, Ксения РОЖДЕСТВЕНСКАЯ (ЗВУКИ РУ)