Фестиваль 'Робин Гуд' в Лыткарино
1996, МОРОЗ Рекордз (MR95061CD)

Sometimes it's hard to imagine how one can be so young. It's possible only in absolute vacuum, where the ancient, but forever-young culture is blossoming . Barykin, "Kruiz" and "Rondo" are the precious flowers of this blossoming culture.

Have you ever been to Lytkarino? Oh yes, it's the place where in 1994 the cultural shift had occurred. We mean the rock-festival "Robin Hood", where "Rondo" was performing.

The topics that are of great importance to this group are really diversified, so the whole world (gone, alas, with that cultural shifting) reflects in "Rondo" compositions. White bullterrier, black fur-coat, big cars and sexy girls - all this "is the part of the universe", according to "Rondo". "And everything that is happening to me is also the part of the universe", - the shaman sings, and the crowd shudders. Kind of incantation, you know. Atavistic and wild. Echo of Russian rock-culture of the 80es, that is apparently dead now. Fortunately.

23.12.1999, Эльза УРШТЕЙН (ЗВУКИ РУ)

Список композиций альбома "Фестиваль 'Робин Гуд' в Лыткарино":

1. Я буду помнить
2. Белый бультерьер
3. Ты сжигаешь мосты
4. Can't Help Fallen In Love
5. Черная шуба, белый линкольн
6. Тоже является частью вселенной
7. Баксы давай
8. Now Look, But You Can't Take It
9. Kill Me With Your Love

В записи принимали участие

  1. Г. МАРТОВ – Гитара
  2. Егор ЖИРНОВ – Гитара
  3. Николай САФОНОВ – Ударные
  4. Дмитрий РОГОЗИН – Бас-гитара