Children of the Heav'nly King: Religious Expression in the Central Blue Ridge
Library Of Congress (LibraryOfCongressAfcl6970)
Library Of Congress (LibraryOfCongressAFCL69L7)
1998, Rounder (Rounder1506)

Список композиций альбома "Children of the Heav'nly King: Religious Expression in the Central Blue Ridge":

1. Children of the Heav'nly King
2. Testimony/Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come...
3. Philip in Samaria
4. How Long Has It Been
5. I'm Going Down by the River of Jordan...
6. What a Time We're Living In
7. When the Redeemed Are Gathering In
8. How Happy Are They
9. Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone
10. Молитва
11. Jesus Is Coming Soon
12. Doxology - :49
13. Blessing - :24
14. Baptizing at Carson Creek
15. Palms of Victory
16. Holding to His Hand of Love
17. Lord Will Make a Way Somehow
18. Keep on the Firing Line
19. On the Other Side of Jordan
20. Twilight Is Falling
21. Home in Heaven
22. Preaching by Inspiration
23. Vision in a Tobacco Barn
24. I'll Make You a Fisherman of Men
25. I Used to Be Wild as a Buck
26. Vision of the End of Time

В записи принимали участие

  1. David GLASSER – Сведение звука
  2. Jim MARSHALL – Vocals, Банджо
  3. Bobby GILLESPIE – Vocals
  4. Charles K. WOLFE – Liner notes, Редактирование, Photography
  5. Bill SCOTT – Vocals
  6. Bob CARLIN – Reissue producer, Сведение звука
  7. Thomas A. ADLER – Photography
  8. Carol BROOKS – Vocals
  9. Michael DONALDSON – Transfers