Осень музыканта
1998, МОРОЗ Рекордз (MR98224CD)

The Autumn of the Musician is a result of an interesting castling. Gennady Ponomarev, an old Bichevskaya partner and assistant, producer of her albums and, to a certain extent, her assistant manager, plays main part here with his compositions. Bichevskaya just sings in several songs. This album is an example of being untruthful to the chosen style. Instead of simple guitar sound, so wonderfully performed on patroness' albums, here we have New-Age (G.E.N.E. style more than Kitaro), with Pushkin and Mandelshtam verses sung in a drawled manner. Maybe this is what they've called "musical acmeism" in the booklet. But it sounds very artificially, inertly and tiresome.

05.12.1999 (ЗВУКИ РУ)

Список композиций альбома "Осень музыканта":

1. Осень музыканта
2. Раковина
3. Зеленый сарафан
4. Прощание с морем
5. Барьер
6. Шотландская песня
7. Ананасы в шампанском
8. Откуда такая нежность ...
9. Песенка для Булата
10. Покаяние
11. Дивеево
12. Мчались звезды

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