Bear Me Away
2003, Sweet Nothing (Sweetnothing SNCD020)
2006, SOYUZ MUSIC (Sweetnothing SNCD020)

Список композиций альбома "Bear Me Away":

1. Traitor's Gate [Taken From the 1995 Traitor's Gate EP]
2. Bear Me Away [Original EP version 1995]
3. Up On Fire [Taken From The Things Will Change EP Recorded 2000]
4. One More Time [Alternative Version To The Black Milk Track 1999]
5. Before Your Eyes [Unreleased Track From Fire Music Sessions 2001]
6. The Swagger [Unreleased Track 2000]
7. I Can Hear You [Taken From Vinyl Version Of Fire Music Recorded 2001]
8. Some Cast Fire [Taken From The 1995 Traitor's Gate]
9. Now And Forever [Original Version Of The Black Milk Track]
10. The Rustler [Vinyl B-side Track 2002]
11. Every Second Of Time [Original Black Milk Version]
12. Just One More [Live Version Recorded Holland]
13. Lost And Alone [From The Most Fertile Man In Ireland 2000]
14. Jewess Tattooess [Soundtrack To Marisa Carnesky Stage Performance 2000]
15. Ruby [Unreleased Version 1991]
16. Blood Is Red [Original Black Milk Version]
17. Chain Of Gold [Taken From The 1995 Traitor's Gate EP]
18. Hurricane [Taken From Black Milk LP 1999]
19. Gerry's Club [Taken From The Thing Will Change EP Recorded 2001]
20. Jake On The Make [Live Version Recorded 1997]
21. The Prowler [Taken From The Vinyl Version Of Fire Music 2002]
22. Can You Feel It? [Original Black Milk Version 1999]
23. You Should Be Ashamed [Live Recording 1997]
24. Loser's Theme [Recording During Dora Suarez Sessions 1993]
25. At My Side [Earlier Version Of The Black Milk]
26. Most Fertile Man In Ireland [Soundtrack From The Film]
27. In The Long Still Night [Live Recording 1997]
28. Bear Me Away [Live Recording 1997]
29. Lament [Original Black Milk Version 1999]
30. Paper Ladies [Unreleased Track 2000]

В записи принимали участие

  1. James JOHNSTON – Гитара, Вокал, Бас-гитара
  2. Terry EDWARDS – Труба, Саксофон
  3. Ian WHITE – Перкуссия, Ударные
  4. Jeremy COTTINGHAM – Бас-гитара