Ретpо Шлягеp
1997, GENERAL Records (GR97080CD)

Listening to sweet Soviet pop-music of the 70es and 80es is an incredible experience. Don't expect anything better than feeble ABBA clones or well-known Russian romances. In this album you will find Soviet pop-stars of different eras and various styles: Pugacheva (early 80es) goes together with Gourchenko (early 60es), rock'n'roll band "Bravo" is followed by terrible pop-singer Alexander Buynov. You've got wonderful chance to understand enigmatic Russian soul, so relax and try to have fun. You will probably never understand why Russian people begin crying while listening to old Pugacheva hits, but after listening to this album you will at least realize why Russian people drink so much vodka. Without vodka this music seems absolutely horrible.

07.10.1999, Ксения РОЖДЕСТВЕНСКАЯ (ЗВУКИ РУ)