1995, GENERAL Records (GL95047CD)

When you listen to monotonous albums, sometimes you realize that you're going mad. Suddenly you start to think: who knows, maybe Phillip Kirkorov is really good (forgive me if you can)? I mean, in comparison to all the other acts presented on this album. I mean , all the others are worse than bad. Well, his voice is too sweet, maybe, but still he's better than, say, Sasha Ayvazov or Tatyana Matveeva. And when you start to think it all over, you feel that something is really wrong with you. So you listen to this album five or six times, and each time Kirkorov sings better and better.

Or, for example, you begin to ask yourself: how comes that Lubov Uspenskaya lisps so desperately? I mean, she's a singer, and she shouldn't have such a terrible diction. This awful question makes you listen to this album five or six times, and the only answer you get is - yes, she lisps. Yes. And each time she does it more and more desperately.

Or suddenly you realize that you've heard most part of these songs elsewhere. I mean, they remind you of dozen of songs from your youth. Or childhood. And so you're getting nervous, and you start listening to this album for the fifth or sixth time. And each time you remember more and more songs with similar tunes.

So you better relax. This music is good only for the restaurants. Listen to it when you're eating, and the sound of your chaws makes it impossible to hear this music, these lyrics and this talented performance. I mean... you know what I mean.

09.12.1999, Ксения РОЖДЕСТВЕНСКАЯ (ЗВУКИ РУ)

Список композиций альбома "ЛИМПОПО":

1. Дни летят
2. Шaльнaя
3. Хочется, дa колется
4. Dachshund
5. Ходики
6. Мотылек
7. Блюз
8. Ты мне нaдоел
9. Лимпопо
10. Молодушки
11. Не было летa
12. Frozen Heart
13. Вapеники