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1 Don't Talk to Strangers музыка и текст
2 Wonderworld музыка и текст


1. We Rock Last in Line
2. The Last In Line Last in Line
3. Breathless Last in Line
4. I Speed At Night Last in Line
5. One Night in the City Last in Line
6. Evil Eyes Last in Line
7. Mystery Last in Line
8. Eat Your Heart Out Last in Line
9. Egypt (The Chains Are On) Last in Line
1. Jesus, Mary & The Holy Ghost Strange Highways
2. Firehead Strange Highways
3. Strange Highways Strange Highways
4. Hollywood Black Strange Highways
5. Evilution Strange Highways
6. Pain Strange Highways
7. One Foot in the Grave Strange Highways
8. Give Her the Gun Strange Highways
9. Blood from a Stone Strange Highways
10. Here's to You Strange Highways
11. Bring Down the Rain Strange Highways
1. Holy Diver Diamonds: The Best of Dio
2. Rainbow in the Dark Diamonds: The Best of Dio
3. Don't Talk To Strangers Diamonds: The Best of Dio
4. We Rock Diamonds: The Best of Dio
5. Last in Line Diamonds: The Best of Dio
6. Evil Eyes Diamonds: The Best of Dio
7. Rock 'N' Roll Children Diamonds: The Best of Dio
8. Sacred Heart Diamonds: The Best of Dio
9. Hungry for Heaven Diamonds: The Best of Dio
10. Hide in the Rainbow Diamonds: The Best of Dio
11. Dream Evil Diamonds: The Best of Dio
12. Wild One Diamonds: The Best of Dio
13. Lock up the Wolves Diamonds: The Best of Dio
1. Carolina County Bail Elf Albums
2. L.A. Elf Albums
3. Ain't It All Amusing Elf Albums
4. Happy Elf Albums
5. Annie New Orleans Elf Albums
6. Rocking Chair Rock'n'Roll Blues Elf Albums
7. Rainbow Elf Albums
8. Do the Same Thing Elf Albums
9. Blanche Elf Albums
10. Black Swampy Water Elf Albums
11. Prentice Wood Elf Albums
12. When She Smiles Elf Albums
13. Good Times Music Elf Albums
14. Liberty Road Elf Albums
15. Shotgun Boogie Elf Albums
16. Wonderworld Elf Albums
17. Streetwalker Elf Albums
1. Institutional Man Angry Machines
2. Don't Tell the Kids Angry Machines
3. Black Angry Machines
4. Hunter of the Heart Angry Machines
5. Stay out of My Mind Angry Machines
6. Big Sister Angry Machines
7. Double Monday Angry Machines
8. Golden Rules Angry Machines
9. Dying in America Angry Machines
10. This Is Your Life Angry Machines
1. Intro Inferno: Last in Live
2. Jesus, Mary and Holy Ghost Inferno: Last in Live
3. Straight Through The Heart Inferno: Last in Live
4. Don't Talk To Strangers Inferno: Last in Live
5. Holy Diver Inferno: Last in Live
6. Heaven and Hell Inferno: Last in Live
7. Double Monday Inferno: Last in Live
8. Stand Up And Shout Inferno: Last in Live
9. Hunter of the Heart Inferno: Last in Live
10. Mistreated (Catch The Rainbow) Inferno: Last in Live
11. Drum Solo Inferno: Last in Live
12. Guitar Solo Inferno: Last in Live
13. Last in Line Inferno: Last in Live
14. Rainbow in the Dark Inferno: Last in Live
15. Mob Rules Inferno: Last in Live
16. Man on the Silver Mountain Inferno: Last in Live
17. Long Live Rock And Roll Inferno: Last in Live
18. We Rock Inferno: Last in Live
1. Holy Diver Anthology
2. Rainbow in the Dark Anthology
3. Stand up and Shout Anthology
4. Straight Through the Heart Anthology
5. Last in Line Anthology
6. One Night in the City Anthology
7. We Rock Anthology
8. Egypt(The Chains Are On) Anthology
9. Shoot Shoot Anthology
10. Time to Burn Anthology
11. All the Fools Sailed Away Anthology
12. I Cold Have Been a Dreamer Anthology
13. Sunset Superman Anthology
14. Shame on the Night Anthology
1. Discovery Magica
2. Magica Theme Magica
3. Lord of the Last Day Magica
4. Fever Dreams Magica
5. Turn to Stone Magica
6. Feed My Head Magica
7. Ebeil Magica
8. Challis Magica
9. As Long as It's Not About Love Magica
10. Losing My Insanity Magica
11. Otherworld Magica
12. Magica Magica
13. Lord of the Last Day Magica
14. Magica Story Magica
1. Stand up and Shout Very Beast of Dio
2. Holy Diver Very Beast of Dio
3. Rainbow in the Dark Very Beast of Dio
4. Straight Through the Heart Very Beast of Dio
5. We Rock Very Beast of Dio
6. Last in Line Very Beast of Dio
7. Mystery Very Beast of Dio
8. King of Rock and Roll Very Beast of Dio
9. Sacred Heart Very Beast of Dio
10. Hungry for Heaven Very Beast of Dio
11. Rock 'N' Roll Children Very Beast of Dio
12. Man on Silver Mountain Very Beast of Dio
13. Dream Evil Very Beast of Dio
14. I Could Have Been a Dreamer Very Beast of Dio
15. Lock up the Wolves Very Beast of Dio
16. Strange Highways Very Beast of Dio
1. Stand up and Shout Holy Diver
2. Holy Diver Holy Diver
3. Gypsy Holy Diver
4. Caught in the Middle Holy Diver
5. Don't Talk to Strangers Holy Diver
6. Straight Through the Heart Holy Diver
7. Invisible Holy Diver
8. Rainbow in the Dark Holy Diver
9. Shame on the Night Holy Diver
1. King of Rock and Roll Intermission
2. Rainbow in the Dark Intermission
3. Sacred Heart Intermission
4. Time to Burn Intermission
5. Rock N Roll Children/Long Live Rock N Roll... Intermission
6. We Rock Intermission
1. Night People Dream Evil
2. Dream Evil Dream Evil
3. Sunset Superman Dream Evil
4. All the Fools Sailed Away Dream Evil
5. Naked in the Rain Dream Evil
6. Overlove Dream Evil
7. I Could Have Been a Dreamer Dream Evil
8. Faces in the Window Dream Evil
9. When a Woman Cries Dream Evil
1. Wild One Lock up the Wolves
2. Born on the Sun Lock up the Wolves
3. Hey Angel Lock up the Wolves
4. Between Two Hearts Lock up the Wolves
5. Night Music Lock up the Wolves
6. Lock up the Wolves Lock up the Wolves
7. Evil on Queen Street Lock up the Wolves
8. Walk on Water Lock up the Wolves
9. Twisted Lock up the Wolves
10. Why Are They Watching Me Lock up the Wolves
11. My Eyes Lock up the Wolves
1. King of Rock and Roll Sacred Heart
2. Sacred Heart Sacred Heart
3. Another Lie Sacred Heart
4. Rock and Roll Children Sacred Heart
5. Hungry for Heaven Sacred Heart
6. Like the Beat of a Heart Sacred Heart
7. Just Another Day Sacred Heart
8. Fallen Angels Sacred Heart
9. Shoot Shoot Sacred Heart
1. Killing The Dragon Killing The Dragon
2. Along Comes A Spider Killing The Dragon
3. Scream Killing The Dragon
4. Better In The Dark Killing The Dragon
5. Rock And Roll Killing The Dragon
6. Push Killing The Dragon
7. Guilty Killing The Dragon
8. Throw Away Children Killing The Dragon
9. Before The Fall Killing The Dragon
10. Cold Feet Killing The Dragon