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Massive Attack, Pussy Riot и лидер Sigur Rós выпустят свои ранее не изданные записи на рентгеновской пленке.

Massive Attack, Pussy Riot, лидер Sigur Rós Йонси (Jonsi) и философ Ноам Хомский выпустят свои ранее не изданные записи на рентгеновской пленке. Эта акция в рамках проекта "Библиотека опасных мыслей" призвана напомнить о недопустимости цензуры.

Рентгеновские снимки - это отсылка ко временам Холодной войны, когда в СССР записывали запрещенную музыку на рентгеновских пленках, или, как их называли, "на костях". Записи, которые сделают музыканты, будут проданы на аукционе, вся выручка с которого пойдет на благотворительность.

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Our collaboration with Massive Attack, Jonsi, Pussy Riot, Chomsky and more for the wonderful @uniundergrd. Exclusive audio on super limited x-ray records. Each one sounds and looks different than al the others See them here: underground.collecteursmagazine.com And more info below @massiveattackofficial @wearepussyriot, #noamchomsky, @iamjonsi of @sigurros @alexsomersmusic @neilharbisson @magicmagid @nastiomosquito . . These previously unreleased tracks and ‘dangerous thoughts’ engraved on x-ray films are unique vinyl-type records made with audio cut onto radiography film. X-ray records were made as an act of defiance against censorship in cold war era Soviet Union, where they were used as an underground method of distributing prohibited music by Western, emigre and banned Russian musicians. This unforgettable cultural response to state censorship is now presented as a contemporary reminder of the not-so-distant past and collected in the "Library of Dangerous Thoughts" supporting freedom of thinking and countercultures. This initiative is a call to inspire citizens of the world into creating further pluralistic platforms and to support free education. . The records are produced by powerhouses @PaulHeartfield and Stephen Coates of x-rayaudio @roentgenizdat , original digital platform by @collecteurs. . #universityoftheunderground #bureauoflostculture #collecteurs #xrayaudio #massiveattack #pussyriot #sigurros #jonsi #alexsomers #neilharbisson #magidmagid #nástiomosquito designit_aarhus

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Кроме того, в рамках проекта вышла серия документальных фильмов и книги о контрабанде музыки в Советском Союзе.

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