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1. Vonal Declosion Margerine Eclipse
2. Need To Be Margerine Eclipse
3. ...Sudden Stars Margerine Eclipse
4. Cosmic Country Noir Margerine Eclipse
5. La Demeure Margerine Eclipse
6. Margerine Rock Margerine Eclipse
7. The Man With 100 Cells Margerine Eclipse
8. Margerine Melodie Margerine Eclipse
9. Hillbilly Motobike Margerine Eclipse
10. Feel And Triple Margerine Eclipse
11. Bop Scotch Margerine Eclipse
12. Dear Marge Margerine Eclipse
1. Kyberneticka Babicka Pt. 1 Fab Four Suture
2. Interlock Fab Four Suture
3. Eye Of The Volcano Fab Four Suture
4. Plastic Mile Fab Four Suture
5. "Get A Shot Of Refrigerator" Fab Four Suture
6. Visionary Road Maps Fab Four Suture
7. Vodiak Fab Four Suture
8. Whisper Pitch Fab Four Suture
9. Excursions Into "Oh, A-Oh" Fab Four Suture
10. I Was A Sunny Rainphase Fab Four Suture
11. Windows Weirdo Fab Four Suture
12. Kyberneticka Babicka Pt. 2 Fab Four Suture
1. Neon Beanbag Chemical Chords
2. Three Women Chemical Chords
3. One Finger Symphony Chemical Chords
4. Chemical Chords Chemical Chords
5. The Ecstatic Static Chemical Chords
6. Valley Hi! Chemical Chords
7. Silver Sands Chemical Chords
8. Pop Molecule [Molecular Pop 1] Chemical Chords
9. Self Portrait with "electric brain" Chemical Chords
10. Nous Vous Demandons Pardon Chemical Chords
11. Cellulose Sunshine Chemical Chords
12. Fractal Dream Of A Thing Chemical Chords
13. Daisy Click Clack Chemical Chords
14. Vortical Phonotheque Chemical Chords
15. The Nth Degrees Chemical Chords
16. Magne-Music Chemical Chords
17. Spool of Collusion Chemical Chords