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1 All Stand Up (Never Say Never) текст
2 Heavy Traffic текст
3 Solid Gold текст
4 Jam Side Down музыка и текст
5 Diggin' Burt Bacharach текст
6 Another Day текст
7 Rhythm Of Life текст
8 In The Army Now музыка и текст
9 Caroline музыка и текст
10 Beginning of the End музыка и текст
11 Down Down музыка и текст
12 Whatever You Want музыка и текст
13 Burning Bridges музыка и текст
14 I Ain't Wasting My Time музыка и текст
15 One By One музыка и текст
16 Two Way Traffic музыка и текст
17 Rock'n'Roll'n'You музыка и текст
18 Dust To Gold музыка и текст
19 Let's Rock музыка и текст
20 Can't See For Looking музыка и текст
21 Better Than That музыка и текст
22 Movin' On музыка и текст
23 Leave A Little Light On музыка и текст
24 Any Way You Like It музыка и текст
25 Frozen Hero музыка и текст
26 Reality Cheque музыка и текст
27 The Winner музыка и текст
28 It's All About You музыка и текст
29 My Old Ways музыка и текст


35. Paper Plane Best Rock Anthems in the World Ever
1. Two Way Traffic Quid Pro Quo
2. Rock'n'Roll'n'You Quid Pro Quo
3. Dust To Gold Quid Pro Quo
4. Let's Rock Quid Pro Quo
5. Can't See For Looking Quid Pro Quo
6. Better Than That Quid Pro Quo
7. Movin' On Quid Pro Quo
8. Leave A Little Light On Quid Pro Quo
9. Any Way You Like It Quid Pro Quo
10. Frozen Hero Quid Pro Quo
11. Reality Cheque Quid Pro Quo
12. The Winner Quid Pro Quo
13. It's All About You Quid Pro Quo
14. My Old Ways Quid Pro Quo
15. In The Army Now [2010] Quid Pro Quo
1. Blues & Rhythm Heavy Traffic
2. All Stand Up (Never Say Never) Heavy Traffic
3. The Oriental Heavy Traffic
4. Creepin' Up On You Heavy Traffic
5. Heavy Traffic Heavy Traffic
6. Solid Gold Heavy Traffic
7. Green Heavy Traffic
8. Jam Side Down Heavy Traffic
9. Diggin' Burt Bacharach Heavy Traffic
10. Do It Again Heavy Traffic
11. Another Day Heavy Traffic
12. I Don't Remember Anymore Heavy Traffic
13. Rhythm Of Life Heavy Traffic
1. Pictures of Matchstick Men Gold
2. Ice In The Sun Gold
3. Down The Dustpipe Gold
4. In My Chair Gold
5. Paper Plane Gold
6. Mean Girl Gold
7. Caroline Gold
8. Break The Rules Gold
9. Down Down Gold
10. Roll Over Lay Down Gold
11. Rain Gold
12. Mystery Song Gold
13. Wild Side Of Life Gold
14. Rockin' All Over The World Gold
15. Again And Again Gold
16. Whatever You Want Gold
17. Living On An Island Gold
18. What You're Proposing Gold
19. Lies Gold
20. Don't Drive My Car Gold
21. Something About You Baby I Like Gold
22. Rock 'N' Roll Gold
23. Dear John Gold
24. Ol Rag Blues Gold
25. A Mess Of The Blues Gold
26. Marguerita Time Gold
27. Going Down Town Tonight Gold
28. The Wanderer Gold
29. Rollin' Home Gold
30. Red Sky Gold
31. In The Army Now Gold
32. Dreamin' Gold
33. Ain't Complaining Gold
34. Burning Bridges Gold
35. Anniversary Waltz Part 1 Gold
36. Anniversary Waltz Part 2 Gold
37. I Didn't Mean It Gold
38. When You Walk In The Room Gold
39. Fun Fun Fun Gold
40. Don't Stop Gold
41. All Around My Hat Gold
1. In The Army Now [2010] In The Army Now (2010)
2. Caroline [Live from Ipwich Regent Theatre] In The Army Now (2010)
3. Beginning of the End [Live from Ipswich Regent Theatre] In The Army Now (2010)
4. Down Down [Live from Oxford New Theatre] In The Army Now (2010)
5. Whatever You Want [Live from Brighton Centre] In The Army Now (2010)
6. Burning Bridges [Live from Birmingham MEC] In The Army Now (2010)
7. I Ain't Wasting My Time In The Army Now (2010)
8. One By One In The Army Now (2010)
9. In The Army Now [Radio Edit] In The Army Now (2010)