Дата рождения: 4 февраля 1948

Автор песен

1 Poison музыка
2 School's Out музыка
3 Dirty Dreams музыка и текст
4 Wind-Up Toy музыка и текст
5 Hey Stoopid музыка и текст
6 Love's a Loaded Gun музыка и текст
7 Burning Our Bed музыка и текст
8 Dangerous Tonight текст
9 Hurricane Years музыка и текст
10 Little by Little музыка и текст
11 Die for You музыка и текст
12 No More Mr. Nice Guy текст
13 Lost in America музыка и текст
14 Welcome To My Nightmare музыка
15 Devil's Food музыка
16 The Black Widow музыка
17 Some Folks музыка
18 Only Women Bleed музыка
19 Department Of Youth музыка
20 Cold Ethyl музыка
21 Years Ago музыка
22 Steven музыка
23 The Awakening музыка
24 Escape музыка
25 Triggerman музыка и текст
26 Deeper музыка и текст
27 Dragontown музыка и текст
28 Sex, Death And Money музыка и текст
29 Fantasy Man музыка и текст
30 Somewhere музыка и текст
31 Disgraceland музыка и текст
32 Sister Sarah музыка и текст
33 Every Woman Has A Name музыка и текст
34 Just Wanna Be God музыка и текст
35 It's Much Too Late музыка и текст
36 I Am The Sentinel музыка и текст
37 Dragontown - Part 1 текст
38 Elvis Presley Was My Hero текст
39 King Of His Tiny World текст
40 Michael текст
41 Consequences текст
42 Three Things текст
43 Rock текст
44 I Like This Bands текст
45 Marilyn Manson текст
46 About Woman текст
47 The World Is Changed текст
48 Good Songs текст
49 He Is A Rock Star текст
50 My Job текст
51 Gimme музыка
52 Lock Me Up музыка и текст
53 Titanic Overture музыка
54 Ten Minutes Before The Worm музыка и текст
55 Living музыка и текст
56 Fields Of Regret музыка и текст
57 Apple Bush музыка и текст
58 Earwigs To Eternity музыка и текст
59 Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio текст
60 Today Mueller текст
61 No Longer Umpire текст
62 Levity Ball текст
63 B.B. On Mars текст
64 Reflected текст
65 Changing Arranging текст
66 Halo Of Flies музыка
67 Desperado музыка
68 You Drive Me Nervous музыка
69 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah музыка
70 Dead Babies музыка и текст
71 Killer музыка
72 Stolen Prayer музыка


1. Hey Stoopid Hey Stoopid
2. Love's a Loaded Gun Hey Stoopid
3. Snakebite Hey Stoopid
4. Burning Our Bed Hey Stoopid
5. Dangerous Tonight Hey Stoopid
6. Might as Well Be on Mars Hey Stoopid
7. Feed My Frankenstein Hey Stoopid
8. Hurricane Years Hey Stoopid
9. Little by Little Hey Stoopid
10. Die for You Hey Stoopid
11. Dirty Dreams Hey Stoopid
12. Wind-Up Toy Hey Stoopid
1. Poison Classiks
2. Hey Stoopid Classiks
3. Feed My Frankenstein Classiks
4. Love's a Loaded Gun Classiks
5. Stolen Prayer Classiks
6. House of Fire Classiks
7. Lost in America Classiks
8. It's Me Classiks
9. Under My Wheels Classiks
10. Billion Dollar Babies Classiks
11. I'm Eighteen Classiks
12. No More Mr. Nice Guy Classiks
13. Only Women Bleed Classiks
14. School's Out Classiks
15. Fire Classiks
1. Under My Wheels Killer
2. Be My Lover Killer
3. Halo Of Flies Killer
4. Desperado Killer
5. You Drive Me Nervous Killer
6. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Killer
7. Dead Babies Killer
8. Killer Killer
1. Welcome To My Nightmare Welcome to My Nightmare
2. Devil's Food Welcome to My Nightmare
3. The Black Widow Welcome to My Nightmare
4. Some Folks Welcome to My Nightmare
5. Only Women Bleed Welcome to My Nightmare
5. Only Women Bleed Welcome to My Nightmare
6. Department Of Youth Welcome to My Nightmare
7. Cold Ethyl Welcome to My Nightmare
8. Years Ago Welcome to My Nightmare
9. Steven Welcome to My Nightmare
10. The Awakening Welcome to My Nightmare
11. Escape Welcome to My Nightmare
1. Triggerman Dragontown
2. Deeper Dragontown
3. Dragontown Dragontown
4. Sex, Death And Money Dragontown
5. Fantasy Man Dragontown
6. Somewhere Dragontown
7. Disgraceland Dragontown
8. Sister Sarah Dragontown
9. Every Woman Has A Name Dragontown
10. Just Wanna Be God Dragontown
11. It's Much Too Late Dragontown
12. I Am The Sentinel Dragontown
1. Dragontown - Part 1 Dragontown. Interview
2. Elvis Presley Was My Hero Dragontown. Interview
3. King Of His Tiny World Dragontown. Interview
4. Michael Dragontown. Interview
5. Consequences Dragontown. Interview
6. Three Things Dragontown. Interview
7. Rock Dragontown. Interview
8. I Like This Bands Dragontown. Interview
9. Marilyn Manson Dragontown. Interview
10. About Woman Dragontown. Interview
11. Fantasy Man Dragontown. Interview
12. The World Is Changed Dragontown. Interview
13. Good Songs Dragontown. Interview
14. He Is A Rock Star Dragontown. Interview
15. My Job Dragontown. Interview
6. Gimme Rock-Zone. Classic
12. Disgraceland Rock-Zone. Classic 2
3. Lock Me Up Stereo And Video 2002
1. Titanic Overture Pretties For You
2. Ten Minutes Before The Worm Pretties For You
3. Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio Pretties For You
4. Today Mueller Pretties For You
5. Living Pretties For You
6. Fields Of Regret Pretties For You
7. No Longer Umpire Pretties For You
8. Levity Ball Pretties For You
9. B.B. On Mars Pretties For You
10. Reflected Pretties For You
11. Apple Bush Pretties For You
12. Earwigs To Eternity Pretties For You
13. Changing Arranging Pretties For You
3. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town We Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New Year