Дата рождения: 7 декабря 1949

Автор песен

1 Serenade музыка и текст
2 Yesterday Is Here музыка и текст
3 Tom Traubert's Blues (Foour Sheets to the... музыка и текст
4 Time музыка и текст
5 Misery Is The River Of The World музыка
6 Everything Goes To Hell музыка
7 Coney Island Baby музыка
8 All The World Is Green музыка
9 God's Away On Business музыка
10 Another Man's Vine музыка
11 Knife Chase музыка
12 Lullaby музыка
13 Starving In The Belly Of A Whale музыка
14 The Part You Throw Away музыка
15 Woe музыка
16 Calliope музыка
17 A Good Man Is Hard To Find музыка
18 Alice музыка
19 Everything You Can Think музыка
20 Flower's Grave музыка
21 No One Knows I'm Gone музыка
22 Kommienezuspadt музыка
23 Poor Edward музыка
24 Table Top Joe музыка
25 Lost In The Harbour музыка
26 We're All Mad Here музыка
27 Watch Her Disappear музыка
28 Reeperbahn музыка
29 I'm Still Here музыка
30 Fish And Bird музыка
31 Barcarolle музыка
32 Fawn музыка
33 The Long Way Home текст
34 Temptation музыка и текст
35 Top Of The Hill музыка
36 Hoist That Rag музыка
37 Sins Of My Father музыка
38 Shake It музыка
39 Don't Go Into That Barn музыка
40 How's It Gonna End музыка
41 Metropolitan Glide музыка
42 Dead And Lovely музыка
43 Circus музыка
44 Trampled Rose музыка
45 Green Grass музыка
46 Baby Gonna Leave Me музыка
47 Clang Boom Steam музыка
48 Make It Rain музыка
49 Day After Tomorrow музыка
50 Chick A Boom музыка


1. Misery Is The River Of The World Blood Money
2. Everything Goes To Hell Blood Money
3. Coney Island Baby Blood Money
4. All The World Is Green Blood Money
5. God's Away On Business Blood Money
6. Another Man's Vine Blood Money
7. Knife Chase [Instrumental] Blood Money
8. Lullaby Blood Money
9. Starving In The Belly Of A Whale Blood Money
10. The Part You Throw Away Blood Money
11. Woe Blood Money
12. Calliope [Instrumental] Blood Money
13. A Good Man Is Hard To Find Blood Money
1. Alice Alice
2. Everything You Can Think Alice
3. Flower's Grave Alice
4. No One Knows I'm Gone Alice
5. Kommienezuspadt Alice
6. Poor Edward Alice
7. Table Top Joe Alice
8. Lost In The Harbour Alice
9. We're All Mad Here Alice
10. Watch Her Disappear Alice
11. Reeperbahn Alice
12. I'm Still Here Alice
13. Fish And Bird Alice
14. Barcarolle Alice
15. Fawn Alice
1. Top Of The Hill Real Gone
2. Hoist That Rag Real Gone
3. Sins Of My Father Real Gone
4. Shake It Real Gone
5. Don't Go Into That Barn Real Gone
6. How's It Gonna End Real Gone
7. Metropolitan Glide Real Gone
7. Shake It Real Gone
8. Dead And Lovely Real Gone
9. Circus Real Gone
10. Trampled Rose Real Gone
11. Green Grass Real Gone
12. Baby Gonna Leave Me Real Gone
13. Clang Boom Steam Real Gone
14. Make It Rain Real Gone
15. Day After Tomorrow Real Gone
16. Chick A Boom Real Gone
1. 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six Big Time
2. Red Shoes Big Time
3. Underground Big Time
4. Cold Cold Ground Big Time
5. Straight To The Top Big Time
6. Yesterday Is Here Big Time
7. Way Down The Hole Big Time
8. Falling Down Big Time
9. Strange Weather Big Time
10. Big Black Mariah Big Time
11. Rain Dogs Big Time
12. Train Song Big Time
13. Johnsburg, Illinois Big Time
14. Ruby's Arms Big Time
15. Telephone Call From Istanbul Big Time
16. Clap Hands Big Time
17. Gun Street Girl Big Time
18. Time Big Time