Дата образования: 1 января 1976

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1 Heavy Metal Thunder музыка и текст
2 Strong Arm Of The Law музыка и текст
3 Power And The Glory музыка и текст
4 And The Bands Played On музыка и текст
5 Crusader музыка и текст
6 Dallas 1PM музыка и текст
7 Princess Of The Night музыка и текст
8 Wheels Of Steel музыка и текст
9 747 ( Strangers In The Night ) музыка и текст
10 Motorcycle Man музыка и текст
11 Never Surrender музыка и текст
12 Denim And Leather музыка и текст
13 Backs To The Wall музыка и текст
14 Broken Heroes музыка и текст
15 Dragon's Lair музыка и текст
16 The Eagle Has Landed музыка и текст
17 20.000 Ft. музыка и текст
18 Witchfinder General музыка и текст
19 The Return музыка и текст
20 Lionheart музыка и текст
21 Beyond The Grave музыка и текст
22 Justice музыка и текст
23 To Live By The Sword музыка и текст
24 Jack Tars музыка и текст
25 English Man'o'War музыка и текст
26 Searching For Atlantis музыка и текст
27 Flying On The Edge музыка и текст
28 Live to Rock музыка и текст
29 Battalions Of Steel музыка
30 Demon Sweeney Todd музыка
31 The Letter музыка
32 Valley Of The Kings музыка
33 Slow Lane Blues музыка
34 Crime Of Passion музыка
35 Premonition In D Minor музыка
36 Voice музыка
37 Protect Yourselves музыка
38 Hellcat музыка
39 Come Rock Of Ages музыка
40 Coming Home музыка
41 Heavy Metal Thunder музыка и текст
42 Hammer of the Gods музыка
43 Back in '79 музыка
44 Surviving Against the Odds музыка
45 Mists of Avalon музыка
46 Call to Arms музыка
47 Chasing the Bullet музыка
48 Afterburner музыка
49 When Doomsday Comes музыка
50 No Rest for the Wicked музыка
51 Ballad of the Working Man музыка


1. Hammer of the Gods Call to Arms
2. Back in '79 Call to Arms
3. Surviving Against the Odds Call to Arms
4. Mists of Avalon Call to Arms
5. Call to Arms Call to Arms
6. Chasing the Bullet Call to Arms
7. Afterburner Call to Arms
8. When Doomsday Comes [Hybrid Theory soundtrack] Call to Arms
9. No Rest for the Wicked Call to Arms
10. Ballad of the Working Man Call to Arms
11. Call to Arms [Orchestral version] Call to Arms
1. Heavy Metal Thunder Heavy Metal Thunder
2. Strong Arm Of The Law Heavy Metal Thunder
3. Power And The Glory Heavy Metal Thunder
4. And The Bands Played On Heavy Metal Thunder
5. Crusader Heavy Metal Thunder
6. Dallas 1PM Heavy Metal Thunder
7. Princess Of The Night Heavy Metal Thunder
8. Wheels Of Steel Heavy Metal Thunder
9. 747 ( Strangers In The Night ) Heavy Metal Thunder
10. Motorcycle Man Heavy Metal Thunder
11. Never Surrender Heavy Metal Thunder
12. Denim And Leather Heavy Metal Thunder
13. Backs To The Wall Heavy Metal Thunder
14. Broken Heroes Heavy Metal Thunder
15. Dragon's Lair Heavy Metal Thunder
16. The Eagle Has Landed Heavy Metal Thunder
17. 20.000 Ft. Heavy Metal Thunder
18. Crusader [Live In San Antonio] Heavy Metal Thunder
1. Witchfinder General Lionheart
2. Man And Machine Lionheart
3. The Return Lionheart
4. Lionheart Lionheart
5. Beyond The Grave Lionheart
6. Justice Lionheart
7. To Live By The Sword Lionheart
8. Jack Tars Lionheart
9. English Man'o'War Lionheart
10. Searching For Atlantis Lionheart
11. Flying On The Edge Lionheart
1. Battalions Of Steel Into The Labyrinth
2. Live to Rock Into The Labyrinth
3. Demon Sweeney Todd Into The Labyrinth
4. The Letter Into The Labyrinth
5. Valley Of The Kings Into The Labyrinth
6. Slow Lane Blues Into The Labyrinth
7. Crime Of Passion Into The Labyrinth
8. Premonition In D Minor Into The Labyrinth
9. Voice Into The Labyrinth
10. Protect Yourselves Into The Labyrinth
11. Hellcat Into The Labyrinth
12. Come Rock Of Ages [The Circle Is Complete] Into The Labyrinth
13. Coming Home [Bottleneck Version] Into The Labyrinth