Дата образования: 1 января 1996

Автор песен

1 Our Separate Ways музыка и текст
2 Lonely музыка и текст
3 Skygirl музыка и текст
4 The Dying Star Pilot музыка и текст
5 The City Of Angels музыка и текст
6 The Rain Inside Me музыка и текст
7 The Way Of Rose музыка и текст
8 Saint музыка и текст
9 In Danger музыка и текст
10 Released музыка и текст
11 Silent Goodbyes музыка и текст
12 Four Winds музыка и текст
13 AMAZEing музыка и текст
14 The Ocean музыка и текст
15 Missing You музыка и текст
16 The Mind Defends музыка и текст
17 The Process музыка и текст
18 Lonesome Kingdom музыка и текст
19 Fragile музыка и текст
20 Painted In Black музыка и текст
21 Sleeping Promises музыка и текст
22 Bulletproof Soul музыка и текст
23 Crime музыка и текст
24 Tomorrow музыка и текст
25 The Last Morning музыка и текст
26 A Sudden Smile музыка и текст
27 When Comes The Light музыка и текст
28 Shadowdream музыка
29 Uncontrolled Feeling музыка и текст
30 Spaceapple музыка и текст
31 Her Beautiful Rose музыка и текст
32 Every... музыка и текст
33 A Delicate Touch Of The Rain музыка и текст
34 A Tiny Swallow Song музыка и текст
35 Freezing Point музыка и текст
36 Soothe My Heart музыка и текст


1. Our Separate Ways Perfect Innocence
2. Lonely Perfect Innocence
3. Skygirl Perfect Innocence
4. The Dying Star Pilot Perfect Innocence
5. The City Of Angels Perfect Innocence
6. The Rain Inside Me Perfect Innocence
7. The Way Of Rose Perfect Innocence
8. Saint Perfect Innocence
9. In Danger Perfect Innocence
10. Released Perfect Innocence
11. Silent Goodbyes Perfect Innocence
12. Four Winds Perfect Innocence
13. AMAZEing Perfect Innocence
1. The Ocean Heavenside
2. Missing You Heavenside
3. The Mind Defends Heavenside
4. The Process Heavenside
5. Lonesome Kingdom Heavenside
6. Fragile Heavenside
7. Painted In Black Heavenside
8. Sleeping Promises Heavenside
9. Bulletproof Soul Heavenside
10. Crime Heavenside
11. Morning Outside Heavenside
12. Morning Outside [Acoustic Version + Bonus] Heavenside
1. Tomorrow Spaceapple
2. The Last Morning Spaceapple
3. A Sudden Smile Spaceapple
4. When Comes The Light Spaceapple
5. Shadowdream Spaceapple
6. Uncontrolled Feeling Spaceapple
7. Spaceapple Spaceapple
8. Her Beautiful Rose Spaceapple
9. Every... Spaceapple
10. A Delicate Touch Of The Rain Spaceapple
11. It's On Me Spaceapple
1. The Dying Star Pilot [Mix] Romantic Dark Symphonies
2. Morning Outside Romantic Dark Symphonies
3. A Tiny Swallow Song Romantic Dark Symphonies
4. Four Winds Romantic Dark Symphonies
5. Freezing Point Romantic Dark Symphonies
6. Sleeping Promises Romantic Dark Symphonies
7. In Danger Romantic Dark Symphonies
8. When Comes The Light Romantic Dark Symphonies
9. The Process Romantic Dark Symphonies
10. Silent Goodbyes Romantic Dark Symphonies
11. Soothe My Heart Romantic Dark Symphonies
12. AMAZEing Romantic Dark Symphonies
13. Morning Outside Romantic Dark Symphonies