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1 Enemy Of God музыка
2 Impossible Brutality музыка
3 Suicide Terrorist музыка
4 World Anarchy музыка
5 Dystopia музыка
6 Voices Of The Dead музыка
7 Murder Fantasies музыка
8 When Death Takes It's Dominion музыка
9 One Evil Comes - A Million Follow музыка
10 Dying Race Apocalypse музыка
11 Under A Total Blackened Sky музыка
12 The Ancient Plague музыка
13 Hordes Of Chaos текст
14 Mars Mantra музыка и текст
15 Phantom Antichris музыка и текст
16 Death to the World музыка и текст
17 From Flood Into Fire музыка и текст
18 Civilisation Collapse музыка и текст
19 United in Hate музыка и текст
20 The Few, the Proud, the Broken музыка и текст
21 Your Heaven, My Hell музыка и текст
22 Victory Will Come музыка и текст
23 Until Our Paths Cross Again музыка и текст
24 Mars mantra (Intro) музыка и текст
25 Phantom Antichrist музыка и текст
26 From flood into fire музыка и текст
27 Enemy of God музыка и текст
28 Phobia музыка и текст
29 Hordes of chaos музыка и текст
30 Civilization collapse (Big bang) музыка и текст
31 Voices of the dead музыка и текст
32 Extreme aggression музыка и текст
33 People of the lie музыка и текст
34 Coma of souls (Intro) музыка и текст
35 Endless pain музыка и текст
36 Pleasure to kil музыка и текст
37 The patriarch (Intro II) музыка и текст
38 Violent revolution музыка и текст
39 United in hate музыка и текст
40 Betrayer музыка и текст
41 Flag of hate / Tormentor музыка и текст
42 The pestilence (Intro) музыка и текст
43 Amok run музыка и текст
44 Demon Prince музыка и текст
45 When the sun burns red музыка и текст
46 War curse музыка и текст


1. Enemy Of God Enemy Of God
2. Impossible Brutality Enemy Of God
3. Suicide Terrorist Enemy Of God
4. World Anarchy Enemy Of God
5. Dystopia Enemy Of God
6. Voices Of The Dead Enemy Of God
7. Murder Fantasies Enemy Of God
8. When Death Takes It's Dominion Enemy Of God
9. One Evil Comes - A Million Follow Enemy Of God
10. Dying Race Apocalypse Enemy Of God
11. Under A Total Blackened Sky Enemy Of God
12. The Ancient Plague Enemy Of God
1. Hordes Of Chaos Hordes Of Chaos
2. Warcurse Hordes Of Chaos
3. Escalation Hordes Of Chaos
4. Amok Run Hordes Of Chaos
5. Destroy What Destroys You Hordes Of Chaos
6. Radical Resistance Hordes Of Chaos
7. Absolute Misanthropy Hordes Of Chaos
8. To The Afterborn Hordes Of Chaos
9. Corpses Of Liberty Hordes Of Chaos
10. Demon Prince Hordes Of Chaos
1. Mars Mantra Phantom Antichrist
2. Phantom Antichris Phantom Antichrist
3. Death to the World Phantom Antichrist
4. From Flood Into Fire Phantom Antichrist
5. Civilisation Collapse Phantom Antichrist
6. United in Hate Phantom Antichrist
7. The Few, the Proud, the Broken Phantom Antichrist
8. Your Heaven, My Hell Phantom Antichrist
9. Victory Will Come Phantom Antichrist
10. Until Our Paths Cross Again Phantom Antichrist
1. Mars mantra (Intro) Dying Alive
2. Phantom Antichrist Dying Alive
3. From flood into fire Dying Alive
4. Enemy of God Dying Alive
5. Phobia Dying Alive
6. Hordes of chaos Dying Alive
7. Civilization collapse (Big bang) Dying Alive
8. Voices of the dead Dying Alive
9. Extreme aggression Dying Alive
10. People of the lie Dying Alive
11. Coma of souls (Intro) Dying Alive
12. Endless pain Dying Alive
13. Pleasure to kil Dying Alive
14. The patriarch (Intro II) Dying Alive
15. Violent revolution Dying Alive
16. United in hate Dying Alive
17. Betrayer Dying Alive
18. Flag of hate / Tormentor Dying Alive
19. The pestilence (Intro) Dying Alive
20. Amok run Dying Alive
21. Demon Prince Dying Alive
22. When the sun burns red Dying Alive
23. War curse Dying Alive