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1 Everytime It Rains музыка и текст
2 I Have Always Loved You музыка и текст
3 Oyeme музыка и текст
4 Life Is A Rollercoaster музыка
5 I Love It When We Do текст
6 Love Won't Work ( If We Don't Try ) текст
7 Come Be My Baby текст
8 Lovin' Each Day текст
9 My One Thing That's Real текст
10 Time For Love текст
11 Blown Away текст
12 As Much As I Can Give You Girl текст
13 Pickin' Me Up текст
14 One And One музыка
15 The Game Of Love текст
16 Never's Such A Long Time музыка
17 Love Washes Away музыка
18 White Flag музыка
19 Sand In My Shoes музыка
20 Do You Have A Little Time музыка
21 This Land Is Mine музыка
22 When You Say Nothing At All музыка
23 In God's Hands музыка
24 Somebody To Love музыка