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1 Writing To Reach You музыка и текст
2 The Fear музыка и текст
3 As You Are музыка и текст
4 Driftwood музыка и текст
5 The Last Laugh Of The Laughter музыка и текст
6 Turn музыка и текст
7 Why Does It Always Rain On Me? музыка и текст
8 Luv музыка и текст
9 She's So Strange музыка и текст
10 Slide Show музыка и текст
11 Mother музыка и текст
12 Moving музыка и текст
13 Reminder музыка и текст
14 Where You Stand музыка и текст
15 Warning Sign музыка и текст
16 Another Guy музыка и текст
17 A Different Room музыка и текст
18 New Shoes музыка и текст
19 On My Wall музыка и текст
20 Boxes музыка и текст
21 The Big Screen музыка и текст


1. Writing To Reach You The Man Who
2. The Fear The Man Who
3. As You Are The Man Who
4. Driftwood The Man Who
5. The Last Laugh Of The Laughter The Man Who
6. Turn The Man Who
7. Why Does It Always Rain On Me? The Man Who
8. Luv The Man Who
9. She's So Strange The Man Who
10. Slide Show The Man Who
14. Sing Kuschelrock 15
1. Sing The Invisible Band
2. Dear Diary The Invisible Band
3. Side The Invisible Band
4. Pipe Dreams The Invisible Band
5. Flowers In The Window The Invisible Band
6. The Cage The Invisible Band
7. Safe The Invisible Band
8. Follow The Light The Invisible Band
9. Last Train The Invisible Band
10. Afterglow The Invisible Band
11. Indefinitely The Invisible Band
12. The Humpty Dumpty Love Song The Invisible Band
2. Sing Mr. Deeds ( Music From The Motion Picture )
1. Quicksand 12 Memories
2. The Beautiful Occupation 12 Memories
3. Re-Offender 12 Memories
4. Peace The Fuck Out 12 Memories
5. How Many Hearts 12 Memories
6. Paperclips 12 Memories
7. Somewhere Else 12 Memories
8. Love Will Come Through 12 Memories
9. Mid-Life Krysis 12 Memories
10. Happy To Hang Around 12 Memories
11. Walking Down The Hill 12 Memories
1. Mother Where You Stand
2. Moving Where You Stand
3. Reminder Where You Stand
4. Where You Stand Where You Stand
5. Warning Sign Where You Stand
6. Another Guy Where You Stand
7. A Different Room Where You Stand
8. New Shoes Where You Stand
9. On My Wall Where You Stand
10. Boxes Where You Stand
11. The Big Screen Where You Stand