GENESIS What are bands made of? Sometimes of haphazard people and
stuff bound by a chain of coincidences. Sometimes they are assembled on
purpose, but that's another story. Dr. Agranovsky - man and group - grew
out of the Moscow "kitchen blues". This story started in 1972, when Agranovsky
brothers (parents off on vacation) had their home open for
part-time-job-most-time-rambling musicians and Moscow hippies, singing,
smoking, playing, drinking, making direct takes on a mono tape recorder. The
first listeners-friends, girls, and neighbors-got their kicks. The flat on the
Lomonosov Prospect saw quite a few persons of underground fame: linguist,
singer, and composer Alexander Lerman, who then played in Skomorokhi; Mike
Guzhov, who himself rigged gadgets for electric guitar, and played peculiar
blues on a XVIII century nine-string cittern; Vadim Golutvin, then one of the
few if not the only in Moscow who had mastered acoustic guitar folk rock and
country; Alexander Galkin;…