The band 'To Be Continued' was founded in 1979 by students of the Angarsk Institute, by Sergey Shalyghin, poet and composer. In 1981 Vladimir Voyakin (keyboards) joined the band. In March of 1986 they had their first concert consisting of songs written by themselves only. In 1993 they created a 16-channelled studio 'Angarsk Art'. During next years Voyakin and Shalighin has been working as producers with young musicians, taking part in festivals, producing several video clips. In 1998 they were called 'a legend of the Siberian rock'. The body has changed several times, they've produced 3 tape albums. At the present the band includes 3 musician, they are preparing to output their first CD 'I Have Learnt to Drink Alone', working at the studio of their own (fax (3951) 528500; e-mail: saa_ records@mail.ru, 3 dollars per hour). The CD contains songs produced in 80ths - 90ths, some of them are not alien to pathetic ('Chernobylskaya', 'We Have Grow up'). Melodies and texts can be called the…

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