Дата рождения: 18 июня 1942

Автор песен

1 Live and Let Die музыка
2 Blackbird текст
3 Because текст
4 There's a Place текст
5 I Don't Want to Spoil the Party текст
6 Back In The USSR текст
7 Can't Buy Me Love текст
8 Облади-облада текст
9 Oh, Darling текст
10 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds текст
11 Back In The USSR музыка
12 The End текст
13 Get Back текст
14 Hard Day's Night текст
15 I Want to Hold Your Hand текст
16 And I Love Her текст
17 Yellow Submarine музыка
18 Mean Mr. Mustard текст
19 Polythene Pam текст
20 She Came in Through the Bathroom Window текст
21 Golden Slumbers текст
22 Carry That Weight текст
23 Her Majesty текст
24 Come Together текст
25 Maxwell's Silver Hammer текст
26 Oh! Darling текст
27 Octopus's Garden текст
28 I Want You ( She's So Heavy ) текст
29 You Never Give Me Your Money текст
30 I'm Down текст
31 Two Of Us музыка
32 Hey Jude текст
33 Getting Better текст
34 Strawberry Fields Forever текст
35 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) текст
36 Good Night текст
37 I Wanna Be Your Man текст
38 I Saw Her Standing There текст
39 Ask Me Why текст
40 Do You Want to Know a Secret? текст
41 Misery текст
42 Please, Please Me текст
43 Love Me Do3 текст
44 P.S. I Love You текст
45 Not a Second Time текст
46 It Won't Be Long текст
47 All I've Got to Do текст
48 All My Loving текст
49 Hold Me Tight текст
50 This Boy текст
51 She Loves You текст
52 Thank You Girl текст
53 You Can't Do That текст
54 I'll Get You текст
55 I'll Be Back текст
56 I Should Have Known Better текст
57 If I Fell текст
58 I'm Happy Just to Dance with You текст
59 Tell Me Why текст
60 Can't Buy Me Love текст
61 Any Time at All текст
62 I'll Cry Instead текст
63 Things We Said Today текст
64 Every Little Thing текст
65 What You're Doing текст
66 No Reply текст
67 I'm A Loser текст
68 Baby's in Black текст
69 I'll Follow the Sun текст
70 Eight Days a Week текст
71 Yes It Is текст
72 Tell Me What You See текст
73 She's A Woman текст
74 I Feel Fine текст
75 You're Gonna Lose That Girl текст
76 Chase текст
77 Night Before текст
78 From Me to You Fantasy текст
79 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away текст
80 Another Girl текст
81 Another Hard Day's Night текст
82 Ticket To Ride текст
83 Bitter End текст
84 In My Life текст
85 Run for Your Life текст
86 Drive My Car текст
87 You Won't See Me текст
88 Word текст
89 Michelle текст
90 I'm Looking Through You текст
91 It's Only Love текст
92 I Want to Tell You текст
93 Got to Get You into My Life текст
94 Tomorrow Never Knows текст
95 I'm Only Sleeping текст
96 Love to You текст
97 Here, There and Everywhere текст
98 She Said, She Said текст
99 Good Day Sunshine текст
100 For No One текст
101 Little Help from My Friends текст
102 Fixing a Hole текст
103 She's Leaving Home текст
104 All You Need Is Love текст
105 Hello, Goodbye текст
106 Piggies текст
107 Rocky Raccoon текст
108 Why Don't We Do It in the Road? текст
109 I Will текст
110 Birthday текст
111 Mother Nature's Son текст
112 Sexy Sadie текст
113 Honey Pie текст
114 Cry Baby Cry текст
115 Revolution 9 текст
116 Back in the U.S.S.R. текст
117 Glass Onion текст
118 OB-La-Di, OB-La-Da текст
119 Wild Honey Pie текст
120 Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill текст
121 While My Guitar Gentle Weeps текст
122 I'm So Tired текст
123 Yellow Submarine in Pepperland текст
124 Sun King текст
125 Dig A Pony музыка
126 Across The Universe текст
127 Let It Be1 текст
128 I've Got A Feeling музыка
129 One After 909 музыка
130 We Can Work It Out текст
131 Paperback Writer текст
132 A Hard Day's Night текст
133 Lady Madonna текст
134 Recolution текст
135 Don't Let Me Down текст
136 The Ballad Of John And Yoko текст
137 The Long And Winding Road текст
138 A Day In The Life текст
139 The Fool On The Hill текст
140 Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand текст
141 Sie Liebt Dich текст
142 Paul McCartney Talks About Ating, Folk... текст
143 George Harrison Discusses the Difference... текст
144 Untitled Interviews текст
145 If You've Got Trouble текст
146 Paperpack Writer текст
147 Norwegian Wood текст
148 Interview текст
149 From Us To You музыка
150 I'll Be On My Way музыка
151 In Spite of All the Danger текст
152 You'll Be Mine текст
153 Cayenne музыка и текст
154 First of All...It Didn't Do a Thing Here музыка и текст
155 Little Dreamers Do текст
156 Well, the Recording Test...By My Artists текст
157 We Were Performers...In Britain текст
158 You Know My Name текст
159 Good Morning Good Morning текст
160 Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! текст
161 You Know My Name (Look up the Number) текст
162 Interview, Pt. 1 текст
163 Interveiw, Pt. 2 текст
164 Come Together - :54 текст
165 Here Comes the Sun текст
166 Something текст
167 Yellow Submarine - :58 текст
168 You're Going to Lose That Girl текст
169 Your Mother Should Know (Mono Version) текст
170 I Cry Instead текст
171 First U.S. Visit текст
172 I'm a Victim текст
173 Balboa Fun Zone ["It;s in Your Touch"] текст
174 She Walks Alone текст
175 Balboa Fun Zone ["Riot on the Beach"] текст
176 Just Like Before текст
177 Instant Karma текст
178 Alone Against the World текст
179 Allen Hotel текст
180 Frustrated текст
181 Genius in Pain текст
182 It's Tattoo Time текст
183 Til' She Comes Down текст
184 Modern Day Napoleon текст
185 Love Me Do текст
186 Yesterday музыка
187 Субмарина текст
188 Across The Universe текст
189 Hey, Jude музыка и текст
190 Fine Line музыка и текст
191 Jenny Wren музыка и текст
192 At The Mercy музыка и текст
193 Friends To Go музыка и текст
194 English Tea музыка и текст
195 Too Much Rain музыка и текст
196 A Certain Softness музыка и текст
197 Riding To Vanity Fair музыка и текст
198 Follow Me музыка и текст
199 Promise To You Girl музыка и текст
200 This Never Happened Before музыка и текст
201 Anyway музыка и текст
202 Свет звезды Маир музыка
203 Maybe I'm Amazed музыка и текст
204 My Soul текст
205 Вчера текст
206 Little Child текст
207 Wait текст
208 Girl текст
209 I've Just Seen a Face текст
210 Taxman текст
211 And Your Bird Can Sing текст
212 Being for the Benefit of Mr.Kite! текст
213 Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except... текст
214 Helter Skelter текст
215 Dear Prudence текст
216 Happiness Is A Warm Gun текст
217 Sometimes I'd Borrow...Those Still Exist текст
218 Can't by Me Love текст
219 Interview, Pt. 3 текст
220 Interview, Pt. 2 текст
221 Slow Down текст
222 Ringo's Theme (This Boy) текст
223 Surf Yogi текст