Дата образования: 16 октября 1983

Although some may take this as an exaggeration, it always seemed to me that there was something more complex about Mummy Troll and Ilya Lagutenko than what appeared on the surface of his songs. It's not that he has a particularly exciting biography, however, nor does the group really stray far beyond the standards of Russian pop. But if you listen closely to the lyrics, you realize there has to be some sort of reason, or at least justification for either their esoteric showiness, or imaginative eccentricity (depending on your point of view). You just don't know where to look for that justification. When I found out that by the time he reached the status he knows today, Lagutenko had already obtained a diploma in African and Eastern Studies from the Far East State Universtiy in Vladivostok, and had lived in China for a while (which I'm sure did wonders to his lexicon and his concept of vocabulary), I was able to place an origin to some of the wildest imagery in his songs. Not that…

В записи альбомов принимали участие

Икра, 1997

Морская, 1997

Шамора. Правда о мумиях и троллях, 1998

Невеста" 2, 1999

Карнавала. Нет, 1999

Невеста" 1, 1999

Моя певица / Другие места, 2000

Точно ртуть алоэ, 2000

Без обмана, 2000

Необыкновенный концерт в Гостином Дворе, 2000

Ртуть Алоэ XXL, 2001

Меамуры, 2002

Иди, я буду, 2004

Похитители книг, 2004

Слияние и Поглощение, 2005

VIII, 2008

Редкие земли, 2010