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The story of Bravo began in 1983 when Yevgenii Khavtan, then a first year student of the Moscow Institute of Railroad Transportation Engineering, arrived for an audition to the musicians of the group Postscriptum, then led by Garik Sukachev. The musicians didn't really make any impression on Khavtan, and he didn't make any impression on them. The only person that interested Khavtan then was the drummer Pavel Kusin, who by that point already played "rather energetically and very masterfully." But the "union" still took place. Yevgenii tried to lead the group away from the style they had adopted: from one that combined art-rock and hard-rock to something that was, in his opinion, more progressive. Moreover, the new guitarist didn't like the bass player, and soon Sergei Britchenkov (author of the text for the song "I Believe") was replaced by bass-guitarist Karen Sarkisov, whom Khavtan had brought in himself. For a short time the new ensemble (Garik Sukachev, Yevgenii Khavtan,…

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Live in Moscow (1993г. в ГЦКЗ Россия)

Легенды Русского Рока


Песни разных лет, 1985

Браво, 1984

Московский бит, 1992

Live in Moscow, 1993

Стиляги из Москвы, 1993

Доpогa в облaкa, 1994

Дорога в облака (мини), 1994

Ветер знает (мини), 1995

На перекрестках весны, 1996

Серенада 2000, 1997

Хиты про любовь, 1998

Любовь не горит (демо диск), 2000

Евгеника, 2001

Любовь не горит, 2001

Звездный каталог, 2004

Мода, 2011

Навсегда, 2013

Для Тебя, 2014

30 лет - концерт в Stadium Live, 2014