Yuri Kharitonov, scenario writer, mentioned two aspects of film associated with music- documentary films and movies where musicians play certain roles themselves. Garik Sukachev's work in film can be placed in the second category, but several years ago that was no longer enough for him. Becoming known as a charismatic actor and subsequently a cult figure, Garik went further and became a director, releasing the film Midlife Crisis. Currently Sukachev is working on his next film, Holiday.

Z.R.You started out in the movies as an actor. When did this happen?

G.S. In 1986. It was a film by Alexander Mitt, Step, and everything took off from there┘.

Z.R.How many movies did you play in?

G.S.In about 13 or 14, but I can't remember exactly.

Z.R.That seems enough to join the Cinematographers' Union.

G.S.Yeah, but I never planned on getting in. It's possible, but what for? Of course I can file a request, and they'll accept me, but I don't see any necessity in it.

Z.R.What's more important for you right now, music or film?

G.S.Everything's important! I like everything.

Z.R.Tell us about your last movie. There were apparently some problems with it.

G.S.No, there weren't really any problems with it. Right now it's a perfectly normal situation in film when the production stops working. I waited for four months, but even that's relative because I was editing the picture during the time. Anyway, we recorded the music of Peter Efimovich Todorovsky in the studio, and passed the winter like that.
So I was 98% done with the movie, only the finishing touches were left. Gorky Studio is financing the end, so I'll probably be finishing it very soon. In general, everything is all right.

Z.R.Is this a movie about war?

G.S.I don't think it's about war. I'm making a movie about happiness and love. It's probably more about human happiness than it is about war, even though it takes place on June 22, 1941.

Z.R.Do you feel close to this topic?

G.S.Of course, it's very important to me, just as it is to all of us.

Z.R.Apart from film, you managed to work in theater as well. Do you have any further plans in this field?

G.S.Yeah, a couple of years ago we staged the plays ⌠Villainess, or the Cry of the Dolphin■ and ⌠Maximal Stop■ in the Moscow Fine Arts Academy Theater with Misha Efremov. He also played in two of my movies. We're always collaborating on something- if he's doing something in theater, I help him, if I'm doing something in film, he works with me. We're practically never apart!
Where my plans are concerned, there's Nikita Vysotsky, who's supposed to start a little theater in the Vladimir Vysotsky Museum on Taganka. He wants for it to be a small experimental studio, and for me to stage something in it. I haven't thought about plays yet, to tell you the truth, because I've been working with film for the past two years. I need to finish this picture first and see whether I want financing for another movie or whether I want to do something in theater. Most likely, I'll be finishing work on my scenario.

Z.R.Some time ago you started working on the film ⌠House of the Rising Sun.■ When are you actually going to shoot it?

G.S.Sometime, of course, it's going to happen, but not in the nearest future. It's too expensive a project, and I don't believe that anyone is going to give me money for it right now- that time still has to come. If it turns out that I'm right next to a large studio that's hiring me to direct a picture and that will give me the opportunity to film this movie, then I'll do it. But I wouldn't be able to handle it by myself.

Z.R.You mentioned Vysotsky. In the ⌠Botsman and the Vagabond■ project you and Sklyar performed his songs, and you both admire his work. Did you ever have any wishes to make a record with his music?

G.S.No, we never especially thought about that. Alexander Sklyar and I periodically sing together, but to do this on purpose isn't that interesting. If something turns out spontaneously in that vein, then maybe. We'll play together some more, and then see.

Z.R. Recently you both, like DDT and Chaif, participated in a concert in memory of Tolik Krupny. Is this really the only reason rock-musicians have to get together?

G.S. It would be better if these reasons didn't exist at all! Personally, this my opinion about events like these- I don't want any tribute concerts after my death! I had a certain debt to Tolik because he was my friend, but if there are other concerts like this next year or the year after, I won't participate. I strongly believe that the dead should be left in peace.
We recorded the album, treated it very carefully, then put on this concert. But that was just a personal debt, and nothing more. To turn that into an annual festival or some sort of event- that would be awful, and I wouldn't want to participate in it.

По материалам: www.zvuki.ru

06.06.2000, Анна АРУТЮНЯН (ЗВУКИ РУ)

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