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1 It's Over музыка и текст
2 The Scream музыка и текст
3 Sleep When I'm Dead музыка и текст
4 This. Here and Now. With You музыка и текст
5 The Perfect Boy музыка и текст
6 Switch музыка и текст
7 The Hungry Ghost музыка и текст
8 The Real Snow White музыка и текст
9 Sirensong музыка и текст
10 Freakshow музыка и текст
11 The Reasons Why музыка и текст
12 The Only One музыка и текст
13 Underneath the Stars музыка и текст
14 The Weedy Burton музыка и текст
15 Three Imaginary Boys музыка и текст
16 It's Not You музыка и текст
17 Fire In Cairo музыка и текст
18 So What музыка и текст
19 Meathook музыка и текст
20 Subway Song музыка и текст
21 Object музыка и текст
22 Another Day музыка и текст
23 Grinding Halt музыка и текст
24 Accuracy музыка и текст
25 10:15 Saturday Night музыка и текст
26 Seventeen Seconds музыка и текст
27 At Night музыка и текст
28 M музыка и текст
29 The Final Sound музыка и текст
30 Three музыка и текст
31 In Your House музыка и текст
32 Secrets музыка и текст
33 Play For Today музыка и текст
34 A Reflection музыка и текст
35 Going Howhere музыка и текст
36 The Promise музыка и текст
37 Never музыка и текст
38 Taking Off музыка и текст
39 ( I Don't Know What's Going ) On музыка и текст
40 Alt.end музыка и текст
41 Us Or Them музыка и текст
42 Anniversary музыка и текст
43 The End Of The World музыка и текст
44 Before Three музыка и текст
45 Labyrinth музыка и текст
46 Lost музыка и текст
47 Just Say Yes музыка
48 Cut Here музыка
49 Wrong Number музыка
50 Mint Car музыка
51 Friday I'm In Love музыка
52 High музыка
53 Never Enough музыка
54 Lovesong музыка
55 Lullaby музыка
56 Just Like Heaven музыка
57 Why Can't I Be You? музыка
58 Close To Me музыка
59 Inbetween Days музыка
60 The Lovecats музыка
61 The Walk музыка
62 Let's Go To Bed музыка
63 A Forest музыка
64 Boys Don't Cry музыка


1. Boys Don't Cry Greatest Hits
2. A Forest Greatest Hits
3. Let's Go To Bed Greatest Hits
4. The Walk Greatest Hits
5. The Lovecats Greatest Hits
6. Inbetween Days Greatest Hits
7. Close To Me Greatest Hits
8. Why Can't I Be You? Greatest Hits
9. Just Like Heaven Greatest Hits
10. Lullaby Greatest Hits
11. Lovesong Greatest Hits
12. Never Enough Greatest Hits
13. High Greatest Hits
14. Friday I'm In Love Greatest Hits
15. Mint Car Greatest Hits
16. Wrong Number Greatest Hits
17. Cut Here Greatest Hits
18. Just Say Yes Greatest Hits
1. Plainsong Disintegration
2. Pictures Of You Disintegration
3. Closedown Disintegration
4. Lovesong Disintegration
5. Last Dance Disintegration
6. Lullaby Disintegration
7. Fascination Street Disintegration
8. Prayers For Rain Disintegration
9. The Same Deep Water As You Disintegration
10. Disintegration Disintegration
11. Homesick Disintegration
12. Untitled Disintegration
1. One Hundred Years Pornography
2. A Short Term Effect Pornography
3. The Hanging Garden Pornography
4. Siamese Twins Pornography
5. The Figurehead Pornography
6. A Strange Day Pornography
7. Cold Pornography
8. Pornography Pornography
1. The Kiss Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
2. Catch Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
3. Torture Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
4. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
5. Why Can't I Be You? Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
6. How Beautiful You Are Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
7. Snake Pit Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
8. Just Like Heaven Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
9. All I Want Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
10. Hot Hot Hot Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
11. One More Time Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
12. Like Cockatoos Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
13. Icing Sugar Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
14. The Perfect Girl Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
15. A Thousand Hours Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
16. Shiver And Shake Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
17. Fight Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
1. Want Wild Mood Swings
2. Club America Wild Mood Swings
3. This Is A Lie Wild Mood Swings
4. The 13th Wild Mood Swings
5. Strange Attraction Wild Mood Swings
6. Mint Car Wild Mood Swings
7. Jupiter Crash Wild Mood Swings
8. Round And Round And Round Wild Mood Swings
9. Gone! Wild Mood Swings
10. Numb Wild Mood Swings
11. Return Wild Mood Swings
12. Trap Wild Mood Swings
13. Treasure Wild Mood Swings
14. Bare Wild Mood Swings
1. Lost The Cure
2. Labyrinth The Cure
3. Before Three The Cure
4. The End Of The World The Cure
5. Anniversary The Cure
6. Us Or Them The Cure
7. Alt.end The Cure
8. ( I Don't Know What's Going ) On The Cure
9. Taking Off The Cure
10. Never The Cure
11. The Promise The Cure
12. Going Howhere The Cure
1. A Reflection Seventeen Seconds
2. Play For Today Seventeen Seconds
3. Secrets Seventeen Seconds
4. In Your House Seventeen Seconds
5. Three Seventeen Seconds
6. The Final Sound Seventeen Seconds
7. A Forest Seventeen Seconds
8. M Seventeen Seconds
9. At Night Seventeen Seconds
10. Seventeen Seconds Seventeen Seconds
1. 10:15 Saturday Night Three Imaginary Boys
2. Accuracy Three Imaginary Boys
3. Grinding Halt Three Imaginary Boys
4. Another Day Three Imaginary Boys
5. Object Three Imaginary Boys
6. Subway Song Three Imaginary Boys
7. Foxy Lady Three Imaginary Boys
8. Meathook Three Imaginary Boys
9. So What Three Imaginary Boys
10. Fire In Cairo Three Imaginary Boys
11. It's Not You Three Imaginary Boys
12. Three Imaginary Boys Three Imaginary Boys
13. The Weedy Burton Three Imaginary Boys
1. Underneath the Stars 4:13 Dream
2. The Only One 4:13 Dream
3. The Reasons Why 4:13 Dream
4. Freakshow 4:13 Dream
5. Sirensong 4:13 Dream
6. The Real Snow White 4:13 Dream
7. The Hungry Ghost 4:13 Dream
8. Switch 4:13 Dream
9. The Perfect Boy 4:13 Dream
10. This. Here and Now. With You 4:13 Dream
11. Sleep When I'm Dead 4:13 Dream
12. The Scream 4:13 Dream
13. It's Over 4:13 Dream